Seminars & Workshops

Seminars & WorkshopsThe growth and development of an athlete dancer goes further than what you will simply find in the dance classroom. Mental focus, coordination, flexibility, knowledge and social abilities are created through a variety of activities, each complementing the other to form a well-rounded dancer.

As such, McCormack School offers a variety of activities that prove useful for overall health and in developing a solid foundation.

We offer:

  • Yoga
  • Fitness training
  • Master classes*
  • Ballet

As well as a variety of seminars:

  • Psychology
  • Injury prevention
  • Nutrition
  • The female athlete
  • Risk management

*Master classes are taught by an outside teacher, who is invited to the studio to teach more difficult material and execution of basics. Master classes aim to take students’ abilities to a level beyond what is covered in the standard weekly classes.